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Welcome to the world of Matadore Designs !

Here is a little bit about the philosophy !

Every painted shirt I make is originally second hand. 

Most of the fabrics used for ''The Assuit express Line'' are end of series, meaning that their destiny was to be thrown away if not bought. 

There are so many great things already existing in the world so I humbly encourage not to produce more of 100% new things.

Inks used are water based, so Eco-Friendly. 

Here we do everything from start to finish. Research, Photography, Design, Screen Printing and clothes designing and production. 

We are a group of three people, all living in Barcelona, Spain. 

Acquiring our products is encouraging local and ethically driven productions. 

Please take a look. Read. Reflect. Get in touch.

Thank you so much. 

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Featured Products

Altafulla Overskirt


Altafulla : Beautiful beach town south Of Barcelona, Spain. 

Van Ness Choli


Van Ness St. : Formerly home of the legendary Fat Chance Bellydance Studios (FCBD®)

Deux Rives Jersey


Deux Rives : Dance Studio located in Rennes, France. 


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