Painted wear

* Rachel Brice wearing a painted shirt

The painted wear technique is basically like developing a photography on textile. 

Now, here is a little bit about my philosophy and these products. . 

Every article I sell is second hand. That is all the T-shirts, clothes and fabrics used for the painted wear technique. 

There are so many great things already existing in the world so I humbly encourage not to produce more.

Not only is this a environnement and social  friendly gesture but also will make that your item is absolutely unique and one of a kind. There will never be a same shirt with a same design. 

All my items are made individually and created with the inspiration of the moment. I use natural elements to adorn the main image.

Because of their uniqueness, I only sell those in person. I want you to see them, feel them, try them and recognize them as your own so you can them love them. 

If you are interested in ordering some with your own design, send an email at

** To the left, the beautiful Rachel Brice wearing a painted shirt **

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